Preventive Maintenance

We take care for your vehicle

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Preventative maintenance, when performed regularly, avoids breakdowns and potentially expensive repairs. It also extends the life of your vehicle. These services include fluid changes, filter replacement, electrical system evaluation, fuel system cleaning, and manufacturer’s scheduled. In four season climates like we have here in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota it’s common to perform summer and winter maintenance. In addition to basic maintenance, this seasonal schedule may include changing to a higher or lower viscosity motor oil, air conditioning recharge, coolant testing, battery check, and winter wiper blades or tires.

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, and the most vital maintenance. While 3 months or 3,000 miles used to be the standard recommendation newer vehicles calculate oil life based on factors such as temperature, speed, trip length, and load. The oil change reminder can have an upper limit of 7,000 miles or more. Synthetic oil offers about double the range of conventional and offers other benefits. If you think of oil as a bunch of randomly sized marbles, synthetic oil has marbles all sized the same. In cold weather climates like Fargo, ND synthetic offers improved cold temperature performance, and easier starting.